Our Menu

Our pizza on a stick is a healthy take on a cafeteria favorite. Pepperoni slices and whole wheat bread cubes, served with a round of mozzarella cheese, make the perfect pizza lunch. Fresh celery sticks, crunchy veggie chips and sweet yogurt raisins complete our pizza day.

Ingredients: pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, whole wheat bread, celery sticks, yogurt raisins, veggie chips



A peanut-free sammie cut into fun circles is a classroom sensation. Sunbutter and strawberry jam on whole wheat medallions is served with a refreshing applesauce squeezer and crunchy carrot sticks. An oatmeal cookie, loaded with energy boosting raisins, wraps up the meal.

Ingredients: SunButter, fruit jam, whole wheat bread, organic carrots, organic applesauce, oatmeal cookie



Perfectly sized for little fingers, cheese tortellini are fun to dip in our house marinara. Try dipping pretzel twists for twice the dipping fun! Mandarin oranges make a colorful and juicy dessert.

Ingredients: cheese tortellini, marinara sauce, pretzels, mandarin oranges



Savory ham and cheddar cheese are baked into whole wheat mini-muffins. A side of cucumber slices is both hydrating and vitamin packed. Protein rich yogurt and dried mango complete this deceptively nutritious meal.

Ingredients: ham and cheese whole wheat muffins, cucumbers, dried mango, organic yogurt



Will your ham and cheese catch that speeding whole wheat bagel? Make a sandwich or eat them separately. Either way, your child will fill up on thick-sliced honey ham and mild cheddar cheese. An organic fruit strip and organic stone ground whole wheat fig bar amp up the nutrition, while satisfying a sweet tooth in a healthy way. Crunchy veggie chips finish up our dynamic twist on a traditional bag lunch.

Ingredients: honey ham, mild cheddar cheese, whole wheat mini bagel, organic fruit strip, organic whole wheat fig bar, veggie chips