How often are Little Lunchbox shipments sent?

Little Lunchboxes are shipped to you once a week. You may choose either Tuesday or Thursday for delivery, whichever day is more convenient for you. We require a 7-day lead time on all orders. 


What is the cost of a Little Lunchbox weekly pack?

Little Lunchbox packs consist of 5 meals at a total cost of $30.


Can the Little Lunchbox be purchased for one week at a time without subscribing for a recurring weekly shipment?

A single set of five meals making up one week's supply can be purchased individually, giving parents the option to either order as often as they like, or to sign up for convenient, recurring weekly shipments.


What is the shelf life of each Little Lunchbox?

The shelf life of each Little Lunchbox is 7 days.  Each shipment will have a marked expiration date.


What is the average age for which the Little Lunchbox is designed?

Little Lunchbox is designed for toddlers and young children. Parents can tailor each meal based on their child’s appetite. Add a piece of whole fruit for older kids, or save an ingredient for an afternoon snack for smaller appetites.


What if my child has allergies?

All Little Lunchbox menu items are peanut free.  We are developing a line of Lunchbox options to address various food allergies in children. Watch for news on that release!


How often are new menu items available?

We currently offer 5 pre-planned meals. Our team of nutritionists is working on new meals to be introduced in the coming weeks.


Should lunch items be sent with the child in a cooled container?

We recommend using an insulated lunch box with a reusable ice pack.


How do we keep our lunches cool during shipment?

Each shipment is packed with cooling gel packs and insulation liners to ensure your order arrives fresh at your door.


Do you offer accessories, such as lunchboxes, bento boxes, etc.?

We are currently developing a great selection of cooled lunchboxes and will offer them on our website very soon.