Healthy school lunches for toddlers and young children delivered to your door

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Lunches Arrive at Your Door

Once a week, you will receive your Little Lunchbox, containing five delicious and nutritious lunches your child will enjoy eating. Each individually packed item will arrive ready to be stored in your refrigerator and pantry. You can save precious time each day, knowing your little one's lunch is all set to be placed in his or her lunchbox.

Pack a Balanced Lunch

Our lunches makes it easy to send your child to school with a healthy, balanced lunch. Each meal is designed to have a protein, dairy, vegetable, fruit or whole grain. Having nutritious lunches is fun for your child to eat every day.


Your child will enjoy a fresh, healthy and delicious lunch at school every day. Rest easy knowing your child will eat nutritious food, without the hassle of planning and preparing it. Simply sign up for the Little Lunchbox weekly pack and we'll handle the rest